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Lucidpress | Visual Identity

Lucidpress | Visual Identity

Lucidpress | Visual Identity

Lucidpress, the product I am working on, is a browser based design and brand management platform. It was in desperate need of a visual identity refresh.

The unique challenge for this project was to update the visual identity while still keeping the original logo and green.


Color Palette


Pattern System


Social and desktop patterns.


Website Application



Design Notes

The Lucidpress visual identity had taken a backseat to product development for a few years before we decided it was time for a update. The old identity could be described as either “drab” or “non-exsistent”. It consisted of bits and pieces left over from the sister product, Lucidchart.


For many important reasons, Lucidpress decided not to do a complete visual identity overhaul. I had to find a way to update the identity without changing the primary green color, and not changing the Logo. The primary green was not attractive and did not look good in big blocks of it. The solution I found was to change the context the green was seen, from a dull gray to a rich dark purple.

Two of Lucidpress’s core values are creativity and approach-ability. The pattern system injects those values into the visual language. By creating rules for combining the different shapes and patterns there is plenty of material to work with for different applications.