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Current Project: ID4 GIFs

Remember Independence Day? It came out when I was 10. I saw it twice in theaters and many times on VHS. It still has a special place in my heart, even though the special effects have not held up very well. In celebration of the new one coming out, I have decided to make a short series of gifs featuring the vehicles of ID4. 

First completed? Randy Quaid's Crop Duster:  



First I pulled some screen caps from the movie itself. 

Then, with a little bit of research I found that the plane is a Boeing-Stearman Model A75N1 (PT17). 

While the crop duster in the movie has a very dull coat of paint, I wanted something that would pop more in the gif. I also wanted a enough shades of red to really show the curve of the body of the plane. 

And then finally with a little bit of After Effects magic I was able to bring this baby to life. 

Up Next: Randy's Winnebago and Cpt. Hiller's F-18, can't to get those done!