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Current Project: ID4 Part Two

A while back I posted about a side project I have been working on to celebrate the new Independence Day movie. Well, things have been crazy busy, but I finished up a couple more gifs.

First here is Randy Quaid's Winnebago with a alien fighter crashing overhead:  


And here we have Captain Steve Hiller and his Knights during the initial assault: 

Steve Hiller is too small to really notice. But I wanted to make sure that his signature mustache was there. I also wanted to make sure that the details on the plane were correct, like the VW on the tail sel

Over the past six months or so I have been making a concerted effort to increase my After Effects abilities. Working on this specific project has taught me more about color theory, motion control, project management, and illustration. I've even learned the details of different models of Winnebagos, jet fighter design, and the difference between air-to-air missiles. 

Up next: Alien fighter, welcome wagon, Air Force One

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